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Expressing yourself creatively as a way of living

How many of us could say that our profession reflects our passions and our true life calling? You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you realise you make your living by practicing something that you love as if it was a hobby.

Olga Alexaki feels very lucky waking up every day with such a sensation. She comes from a family of architects and she grew up with an inclination to arts and crafts and the habit to draw anything that came to her mind.

“Because of my family, I was always fascinated by architecture and I could easily picture myself following the same profession, as Ι ended up doing. My aspiration was to give a more modern and creative approach to my personal work based on my expertise and taste.”

During her studies Olga explored her creativity by designing jewelery. She formed a company named “Open that Stone” producing handmade collections of wooden and perspex accessories.

Surrounded by inspiring people

As a professional architect you may find multiple ways to cover your clients’ needs and simultaneously express yourself creatively. The trick is to find the source of inspiration. For Olga this source is the everyday life and that is the main reason she wanted to have an office in a coworking environment rather than a traditional office place.

Olga is working with Iris Papadatou at YOU & ME Architecture, which is based at Stone Soup. According to her, being surrounded by individuals from diverse fields of expertise is really inspiring.

“We like the kind of fun architecture, with playful structures that gives the opportunity to people to feel comfortable and welcome. Operating in a shared environment triggers our creativity and enriches our perspective for our own projects, as we view it as a chance to observe how people use the space, in order to work, to cowork and network.”

People at Stone Soup: A few words about Anastasis

We would like to welcome Anastasis.

Anastasis trades in the field of creative architecture and he is specialized in interior design. He has been running his own office in Komotini for 7 years but in the end of 2016 he decided that it was time to move.

Considering either to move to another city in Greece or to flee abroad, he finally chose Athens because he believes that there is a vast dynamic in the city. On top of that, he has the core belief that each and every one of us should consider supporting their place before trying to escape it.


CAFE BAR -8- KOMOTINI 2015                                        RESIDENCE IN KOMOTINI 2016

Based currently in Athens, under the Stone Soup roof, he continues to run his partnerships with Komotini and he wishes to expand his clientele. His professional interest has expanded to visuals and scenography, a field that he has had experience as an amateur but wishes to engage now in a professional manner. He is also collaborating with Jai Mexis in the creation of a Fab Lab in the center of Athens. This Fab Lab will be shortly announced to the Greece tech scene and will provide a space with all kind of tools where members and friends will be able to come in, experiment and construct whatever they want.

You can find more about Anastasis and his work on his website.