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Flexible: to be or not to be?

The incredibly flexible landscape of every digital nomad’s life appears when we follow Lyda’s journey. From the wanderlust that drove them to explore 63 countries to their recent venture into life transitions coaching, it has been quite a ride. But it is in such fluid conditions that the concept of home takes on a unique meaning. For people like Lyda, the idea of a base is necessary even while traversing different corners of the world. So let us delve into the delicate balance between flexibility and stability, and how it shapes Lyda’s pursuit of dreams.

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Wandering Off

Lyda, a true multi-tasker, has left footprints across the globe, from the vibrant landscapes of Chile and Mexico to the serene beauty of Canada, Switzerland,and Portugal. Yet, amidst the constant change, a pivotal moment emerged during the pandemic, prompting Lyda to embark on a different adventure – one that aligned with their life purpose.

Life Transitions Coaching

Already acquainted with the transformative power of life coaching, Lyda decided to take a more formal route by pursuing a credentialed coaching certification with a niche in life and identity transitions. The motivation was clear. They wanted to offer a safe haven to those navigating the tumultuous seas of life changes. Lyda emphasises that the challenges people face after loss or a breakup combined with the social demands for lifestyles more flexible than ever before, can be daunting. Drawing from personal experiences, Lyda creates a nurturing space for clients, supporting them through the intricate process of decision-making with heightened self-esteem and comfort. Having been supported by a life coach themselves, Lyda’s goal is to contribute positively to the tough times people experience.

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New Horizons

True to their nomadic nature, Lyda envisions their future as a flexible digital wanderer. Vietnam, Japan, and New Zealand are the next conquests on their travel agenda, each destination a stepping stone toward fulfilling their dreams. The flexibility Lyda embraces is not just a lifestyle choice but a vital component of their identity, keeping them in high spirits and fostering a sense of adventure.

While always on the move, Lyda cherishes their different bases around the world, such as Stone Soup, where their journey as part of a community began and is now continuing. These locations hold a special place in their heart, beckoning them to return after every expedition. Lyda is not just inspiring but fiercely independent, demonstrating how one can remain grounded even while constantly moving forward.

Lyda’s journey encapsulates the delicate dance between the flexible and the stable which defines the life of a digital nomad. As they continue to inspire others through life transitions coaching and pursue their dreams across the globe, Lyda demonstrates that finding a balance between these seemingly opposing forces is not only possible but crucial for a fulfilling and purposeful life on the move.

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