Coming on September 21st: The Data Conference 2017

Here is some info about the 6th Data Conference 2017 which will take place on September 21th at the amphitheater of Maroussi Plaza.

If you are a Data scientist or data analyst, a CIO and IT Director, Business Analyst and last but not least an Enterprise Architect or BI Developer, we think this conference might be interesting for you.

The conference focuses exclusively in data management to stress the important role of data in businesses that develop new technologies with AI and IoT. It deals also with the current issues on  Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Science Talent Acquisition.

The conference will try to answer questions like:

Which of data-based technologies will shape the future of business?

How methods of analyzing data will be evolved?

How does GDPR-regulatory compliance lead to better insights?

Is it better a new role in the business data ecosystem or a new work culture?


We got some Stone Soup coupons that will give you a reduced ticket price, let us know if you need one.

You can read more on the official website.