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Stek.io: a SaaS that makes Open Source Software accessible to non-tech users.

Stek.io is a Dutch-Greek startup company, which works regularly out of Stone Soup. They are building a software platform that provides a set of tools in order to install and manage Open Source Software.  Users of Stek.io, have the control of their data in a secure surrounding.

Stek.io uses three tools: Ghost, Discourse and Hackpad. Ghost is a blogging platform that helps you record your news. Discourse is a forum that enables the creation of new communities. And Hackpad is a tool to capture, organize and share knowledge in order to collaborate with other people and work together. These tools are only the start. There will be more tools coming very soon as the main purpose of this project is to become an one-stop open source shop.


With Stek.io, you pay for ease of use, privacy, and security.The usage of the website is very easy. You only need to create an account, providing your email and a password, and you have access to each tool. Then you click on the tool that you want and you can either start a free trial or buy it from 15 euros per month.

The 3 creators of Stek.io have diverse and very interesting backgrounds.  They are Erwin Blom (VPRO, Fast Moving Targets), Mark Pors and Dimi Balaouras (both former in WatchMouse).

Here is a little bit info about them:

Erwin Blom is a journalist, media specialist and entrepreneur and he loves open source because of the fact that he was responsible for making content management system MMBase open source in 2000, at the public broadcasting organisation VPRO in Netherland.

Dimi Balaouras is versatile and passionate full-stack Software Architect. He continues to have a strong interest and be active in all aspects of Software Development. But the most important thing for him is that he enjoys working with Dev Teams.

Mark Pors is a tech veteran with a lot of experience in technology, project and people management and online business such as marketing, product design and more. He is Co-founder and CTO of WatchMouse (acquired by CA Technologies in 2011).