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People at Stone Soup: read about Richard Edwards from PAAVO media

Hello to all!

We are happy to introduce one new member of the Stone Soup community. Richard Edwards, who is the CEO and Lead Producer of PAAVO media.

Richard has 10years+ experience in digital management and production. He started working for BBC in 2003 as a digital online producer, creating interactive educational games based on tv shows like Doctor Who, examining subjects like maths or 2D and 3D shapes. In total, Richard and his team, created 70 games about various tv shows, but apart from this he was involved in several other projects like devising music-making and interactive-drama projects.

After 8 years in BBC he decided to move in the Myanmar-Thailand borders in order to help several organizations, charities and social enterprises with their digital communication and strategy. One of the organizations he supported was the “Youth Connect Foundation”, whose mission is to provide training, apprenticeships and career services to Thailand students, so they can transition to safe, productive and independent lives.



One year later, he returned back to London to work for a Non-governmental Organisation called “Care International UK”  and worked there as a Digital Manager, commissioning new websites, managing social media campaigns, improving online advocacy and fund-raising.

After 4 years he left the NGO and started his own online company called PAAVO. PAAVO offers digital consulting and project management,and specialises in the digital scene in Myanmar and the UK. Recent projects include road safety mobile games for Heineken and the Myanmar Ministry of Transport, website development for the International Rescue Committee, and social media consultancy for organisations and brands looking to grow in Myanmar.

You can find more of Richard’s work on his website.