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Wishing Odd Bleat good luck!

After being in the Stone Soup office for over a year, we unfortunately bid adieu to Odd Bleat, but we are happy that they are moving to their own, bigger space.

Since they first arrived at Stone Soup, Odd Bleat has expanded both as a group, with 3 people in the team now, and professionally, as they have begun to take on larger-scale collaborations. Their increasing notoriety has lead them to produce bigger and more intricate productions, and has broadened their scope, in terms of the types of animations they now create, and the different companies they have worked with.

Odd Bleat has continued to win various awards for their work, including Gold Prize for all Digital Applications and First Prize in the Animation category, both in the 2018 EBGE Awards in Greece.

A particularly interesting project Odd Bleat has since worked on, was at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC), a cultural complex that celebrates Greek tradition. The “Countdown to Christmas”, was a massive Christmas campaign, for which Odd Bleat created 30 animations, every day of November before the SNFCC turned on their Christmas lights.

This project allowed Odd Bleat to continue their work with the the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and they are now working with them on the foundation’s upcoming DIALOGUES events – a monthly series in which different topics, such as food and football, will be explored and discussed, in order to engage the community in conversation, and increase discourse around these themes. You can check out more information about this here

Odd Bleat’s hope for the future as they continue to expand, is that their focus remains on the creative content of their projects. As the animation industry is relatively limited in Athens, they look to grow the scale of their company in the international sphere, while still maintaining their smaller core group, and home-base, here in Athens.

Check out Odd Bleat’s website and Facebook page to see more of their work!