Winter Internship in Greece, how does it feel?

Hello, my name is Pedro Oliveira, I am 19 years old and I’m from Brazil. I love technology and innovation so I’m studying Electrical Engineering for my bachelor degree and also I’m an IT Technician. Following my passion, I started working in Digital Marketing at my Junior Enterprise, (a non-profit type of company that allows young students to work and run a business), and more recently, I got the opportunity to do a Marketing Internship at Stone Soup via AIESEC, with a focus on obtaining a leadership experience in another part of the globe.

As a kid, I was passionate with greek mythology and history, that’s why I arrived in Athens last week and I’m loving the city. Despite the recent economic crisis and turbulence, I believe this city and this country may still provide a great innovation market.

Since I finished high school, I have set my mind in starting my own business. Aiming for that professional goal, I’ve pursued the opportunity of doing this AIESEC internship program in a coworking space, because it is a business space that offers you everything that you need to start implementing your ideas and also it offers you great networking opportunities.