Crowdsourced – instant coverage of the 2015 Greek National Elections

The day of the Greek Elections is the day we take Camerize out for testing! Camerize is an Amsterdam based startup that has come to Stone Soup to develop its technology.

It is a crowdsourced video production tool that allows live video streaming from multiple mobile devices.

All the feeds go to the Camerize server and are edited live into a single output.

We figured we had to set ourselves a deadline, as deadlines help to get things done and decided to cover the National Elections in Greece. We gathered a team of journalists and camera operators and covered events in Athens live as they happened. The content was broadcasted at the Camerize Youtube Channel and the website of

Crowdsourced live video production at this scale has not been done before. Thanks to our team and volunteers, it was a very successful experiment and an opportunity to learn about a new way of producing content. The day of the #2015 elections was the day that for the first we took Camerize out from our safe development environment into the open, and a very special day for Greece. We are proud to say “We were there!”. We will be working hard so all our participants can say the same of Camerize some day!

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