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The biggest festival about making is here!

The second edition of the Athens Mini Maker Faire  takes place on May 5th and 6th at the Peristeri Exhibition hall and you can book your ticket through Viva.gr

In this festival visitors of all ages have the opportunity to participate in workshops and learn how to make stuff themselves. They can also watch new projects and attend lectures from technological achievements and innovations. Visitors can find constructions such as Do-It-Yourself, handmade robots, 3d printing, DIY Drones, Arduino, handmade bicycles, electric cars, e-growing plants, recyclable constructions and many other categories of new achievements.


Want to learn how to build a robot? Program an Arduino? Turn wood to make a bowl? Weld? Blacksmith? Build underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV)? Automate your garage door? Spin yarn from wool and knit? Recycle glass into beautiful tables and glass pieces? Or maybe just take-a-part something and learn how it works? Learn to solder? Fly a drone? Make a drone?

The list is endless at the Athens Mini Maker Faire!