React JS Academy by CollegeLink

CollegeLink and Golden Gate Pro organize a 3week hands-on seminar on React JS, for the first time in Athens. The seminar is ideal for web developers with a professional experience up to 18 months, knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and who are looking for their next workplace.

The seminar will take place on Saturday 13th until Saturday 27th at ACEin and will be led by the senior Web Developer Miltos Stamos. During the seminar, the trainees will also have the opportunity to work on a real project in React Js.

Thanks to Workable, Webjar & Stone Soup the cost for each participant is 90 euro while the price for students or unemployed is 60 euro. Stone Soup along with the other companies has some job openings and will attend the event to meet with some of the attendees.

For more info on the participation criteria and the schedule of the seminar you can visit the website.

Stone Soup has one ticket to give away for free, so get in touch with us if you are interested.

Lets welcome the Aquanetix team

We sat down with Diogo Thomaz, one of the co- founders of Aquanetix and he told us about the UK based company which he created a few years back together with Stella Adamidou.

Aquanetix has built an application for aquaculture businesses which is based on cloud technologies. Everybody in aquaculture, from fish farmers to farm employees, can easily install it on their smart phone, tablet or computer and have an intuitive tool to collect their daily data on site, in real time. The data gathered, are analyzed with specialized algorithms, and are transformed into useful information which can help businesses minimize loses, particularly on feed. It allows, for example, to evaluate biomass in the production units, compare actual growth and feeding with models and continuously evaluate performance of each batch of fish or shrimp.

The Aquanetix team was created on early 2012. The original idea was to create a simple application that would empower the user to immediately understand how well fish feeds are used. Two years later, in the summer of 2014 they came for the first time to Stone Soup and met with Klaas Speller and Giannis Drosidis.  Klaas helped them in the system architecture while Giannis undertook the mobile application.

On January 2015 the app was released and they currently have clients all around the world from Africa to Europe and from America to New Zealand that grow more than 20 species in all type of farm operations.

Find more info about the company and download their app on their website. If you wanna talk to them in person, drop by Stone Soup where they currently reside.

Meet the Aquanetix team:

Diogo Thomaz  is an academic researcher. He worked worked in Selonda, one of the biggest fish producer in Greece  for several  years at the R&D department and as a specialist in hatcheries until the moment that he decided to cooperate with Stella to make together their own company for optimizing production costs.

Stella Adamidou holds a PhD from the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling in Scotland. At first, she worked as a manager in an trial farm for a joint project between Biomar and Dias SA  for 2 years and then as an independent consultant for aquaculture and fish feed companies.

Dimitris Avraam has held a number of Senior Management Positions in the Retail sector for the last 30 years. He has extensive International experience and has held the position of Retail Operations Director at Dixons Retail South East Europe and more recently as Retail Director in Media Saturn. He is now the CEO of Aquanetix.

‘Python for Big-data Analytics and Machine Learning 101’

On November 30th, MLtrain gives a 3day workshop on “Python for Data Analytics and Machine Learning 101”. The training will take place at the Hellenic American Education Center in Athens.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of data science with Python, whether working on your laptop or a big data cluster, using numpy, pandas and pySpark. You can communicate your analyses using informative graphics from matplotlib and seaborn. And finally, you can configure, train and assess machine learning models with scikit-learn.

The course addresses to:

  • Software engineers who want to make a transition to data science practice.
  • Data scientists who want to learn about the Python data-analysis and machine learning toolset.
  • Business Analysts who want to take an evolutionary leap to big data analytics.
  • Technical managers involved in the evaluation of technologies and human resources related to analytics and big data.

For Stone Soup affiliates who wish to attend, we have a few 40% discount tickets on early-bird registrations and one free ticket for somebody unemployed.

You can read more on the official website.

You can also check some info on Data Science and Machine Learning

Unveiling the Totem

The Athens Protocol

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of October Stone Soup will be holding “The Athens Protocol”, an exclusive hands on presentation of the “Totem” framework. Totem serves as the universal language between all types of media, and is designed to help Developers and Rights-Users to deal with all the hurdles of Copyrighting and licensing.

OCL and the core development team of Totem, aims to bring developers, rights owners and artists together to hack on, demonstrate ways you can make use of Totem and get your cumulated feedback on the framework.

We will be handing out Prizes for your feedback and demos.

So what’s in the framework for you?

Want to build an app with copyrighted content without hassles, while not having to worry about licenses, accounting, reporting and securing permissions? Want to do it by only using a robust, light framework? One that also handles sourcing, identification, reporting, and in addition automates licensing for your users of any creative asset or combination of assets (music, video, text, images)?

Got some media content and want to accelerate, trace, and monetise any peer-to-peer transaction you could think of, without advertising, without personal data?

Reserve a ticket and learn how to:

  • Gain access to licensed media for your apps
    A weekend for you to dive into the technology and explore it. You will get the documentation and talk to people that deal with Copyright. Bring along your Mac, and experiment with the framework.
  • Monetise by identifying
    If you are a rights owner or artist, bring your knowledge on Copyright use and learn all about the technology that will help you monetise your work, and make it available to anyone in the world.

The event will feature:

Full Schedule


19:30—21:00  Welcome and Introductions
21:00—23:00 Mixer over Drinks
23:30 Doors Close


10:00—11:00   Continental Breakfast
11:00—14:00  Introductions & Inspiration
14:00—15:00 Lunch
15:00—22:00  Hacking and Learning with OCL
19:00—20:00  Dinner on the Roof
22:00  Doors Close


10:00—11:00  Continental Breakfast
11:00—14:00  Prepare for Hacking
14:00—15:00  Lunch
15:00—17:00  Demo Showcase
17:00—17:30  Awards Over Drinks
17:30—18:00  Pack It Up
18:00 Doors Close


Reserve a ticket and we will be in contact regarding your invitation.

For any further inquiries about the event, your participation and invitations email or give a call 0030 – 6978779787.

See you there!