Introducing Gabriel Launer

We would like to welcome Gabriel Launer!

Gabriel is a free-lance illustrator and concept artist that arrived at Stone Soup last October. He has worked on video game designs and artistic branding. His art can be described as visual storytelling – creating worlds, characters, and stories to artistically immerse the viewer. 









Gabriel was born and raised in France, where he received an Engineering degree from Lycee Jean Perrin, St-Ouen L’Aumone. However, after graduating he decided to pursue his initial passion, art, and went on to study at Villa Arson, the Fine Art school of Nice.

As an artist focusing on his personal practice, Gabriel makes an effort to collaborate with companies that he feels truly passionate about. This allows him to explore his creativity through a variety of different outlets, which can be seen in his collaboration with ‘Up-Κυτταρική θρέψη’, a vegan restaurant that promotes health and nutrition. Gabriel has used his artistic aptitude to create a brand for the restaurant, by designing visuals and illustrations for them.

Gabriel’s general ambition and true enthusiasm, however, comes from his individual projects. Through his art, his purpose is to effectively demonstrate and communicate ‘pure’ art, to convey authentic emotion that can easily be understood by the audience. By establishing is own artistic identity, Gabriel hopes to collaborate with other artists on bigger projects, and potentially participate in exhibitions to showcase some of his work.

Check out Gabriel’s Instagram to see some of his work!

Wishing Odd Bleat good luck!

After being in the Stone Soup office for over a year, we unfortunately bid adieu to Odd Bleat, but we are happy that they are moving to their own, bigger space.

Since they first arrived at Stone Soup, Odd Bleat has expanded both as a group, with 3 people in the team now, and professionally, as they have begun to take on larger-scale collaborations. Their increasing notoriety has lead them to produce bigger and more intricate productions, and has broadened their scope, in terms of the types of animations they now create, and the different companies they have worked with.

Odd Bleat has continued to win various awards for their work, including Gold Prize for all Digital Applications and First Prize in the Animation category, both in the 2018 EBGE Awards in Greece.

A particularly interesting project Odd Bleat has since worked on, was at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC), a cultural complex that celebrates Greek tradition. The “Countdown to Christmas”, was a massive Christmas campaign, for which Odd Bleat created 30 animations, every day of November before the SNFCC turned on their Christmas lights.

This project allowed Odd Bleat to continue their work with the the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and they are now working with them on the foundation’s upcoming DIALOGUES events – a monthly series in which different topics, such as food and football, will be explored and discussed, in order to engage the community in conversation, and increase discourse around these themes. You can check out more information about this here

Odd Bleat’s hope for the future as they continue to expand, is that their focus remains on the creative content of their projects. As the animation industry is relatively limited in Athens, they look to grow the scale of their company in the international sphere, while still maintaining their smaller core group, and home-base, here in Athens.

Check out Odd Bleat’s website and Facebook page to see more of their work!


Rails Girls in Athens!

Rails Girls was created in 2010 in Finland and has grown rapidly in over 90 cities worldwide. Since 2015 Rails Girls organize events also in Athens, and the next one will take place on May 4th and 5th at The Hub Events.

The goal of the event is to familiarize women of all ages with programming and motivate them to dive into the magical world of Ruby on Rails. During the two-day workshop, participants will develop a web application on the Ruby-on-Rails framework and will have guidance from experienced coaches. They will also be able to attend talks related to programming and hear the experiences of other women in the field of Information Technology.

The 3rd Rails Girls Athens is organized by volunteers and is supported by Visa,, PwC Greece and Accenture, as well as, Workable, eproductions, SlashData, Agile Actors, and Funkmartini.

The participation is free. You only need to apply here and to bring your own laptop.

For more details about the philosophy of Rails Girls and the event program, visit the official website.

See you at the Rails Girls!

React JS Academy by CollegeLink

CollegeLink and Golden Gate Pro organize a 3week hands-on seminar on React JS, for the first time in Athens. The seminar is ideal for web developers with a professional experience up to 18 months, knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and who are looking for their next workplace.

The seminar will take place on Saturday 13th until Saturday 27th at ACEin and will be led by the senior Web Developer Miltos Stamos. During the seminar, the trainees will also have the opportunity to work on a real project in React Js.

Thanks to Workable, Webjar & Stone Soup the cost for each participant is 90 euro while the price for students or unemployed is 60 euro. Stone Soup along with the other companies has some job openings and will attend the event to meet with some of the attendees.

For more info on the participation criteria and the schedule of the seminar you can visit the website.

Stone Soup has one ticket to give away for free, so get in touch with us if you are interested.