Introducing Kim Gillick

We would like to introduce Kim Gillick, a content strategist that recently joined the Stone Soup community!

Kim is from Dublin, she graduated from The Institute of Technology, Tallaght, and got her masters degree at the Skema Business School, in France. Kim’s background in digital marketing and international business development motivated her to focus her work on helping startups build their audiences.

Kim arrived in Athens two months ago, and as a freelancer, she searched for a space in which she could simultaneously work, and connect with other developers and startups. At the time, Stone Soup was looking for a digital marketing coordinator to join one of their projects, and Kim was more than equipped for the role. Kim describes the environment at Stone Soup to be creative, energetic, and collaborative – a space that provides a “traditional” work environment to those that decide to go out in their own direction.

After coming to Stone Soup, Kim started investing more time on a larger variety of ventures, while still maintaining her own creative freedom. This has allowed Kim to engage with other developers that are also starting up businesses of their own, and help them build their audience.

Kim’s ambition is to become a more diverse collaborator, in order to expand her professional network and reach a broad range of companies – to which she can bring her expertise!

Check out her website to see more of what she does!

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